Shoe Making

Shoe Making

Shoemaking is the process of making footwear.

Originally, shoes were made one at a time by hand. Traditional handicraft shoemaking has now been largely superseded in the volume of shoes produced by the industrial mass production of footwear, but not necessarily in quality, attention to detail, or craftsmanship. Shoemakers (also known as cordwainers) may produce a range of footwear items, including shoesbootssandalsclogs, and moccasins. Such items are generally made of leatherwoodrubberplasticjute or other plant material, and often consist of multiple parts for better durability of the sole, stitched to a leather upper. Trades that engage in shoemaking have included the Cordwainer’s and cobbler’s trades. Today, shoes are often made on a volume basis, rather than a craft basis.

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About Course

  • Stitch down Or Turnout Shoes
  • High Heel Pumps
  • Advanced Fashion Shoemaking
  • High Style Fashion Boots
  • Men’s Dress Shoes
  • Hiking Boots For Everyone
  • Western Bootmaking

Start Date

Sept 25, 2017

What you learn

Background above fundamental themes such as: classical, sportive, elegant and vanguard styles and later on they will be focused on Shoe Fashion new trends (high-heel footwear, short-heel shoes, stiletto shoes etc), on the materials used (leather, chamois-leather, crocodile leather, etc), on the patterns of footwear (boot, décolleté, sabot, sandal, big nailed boot).

Course Outline

Learn the core skill areas (color, typography, and layout) and core tools (Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator) used in graphic design. Find out what designers do and what you’ll need to learn to start a graphic design career.

Graphic Design Foundations: Layout and Composition, learn how to create stronger, clearer, more attention-grabbing designs by understanding the how, why, and when of layout and composition.

Graphic Design Foundations:
Explains good typographic practices, how to select and use type to add impact and power, how type is measured and sized, and how factors like spacing and alignment affect your design.

Learn to avoid pitfalls, improve your design process, respond to demanding clients, and solve the creative problems that are involved in building a brand’s identity.

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